Most of us know that we should have a professional inspection before we buy a new home, but once we get the Report and take ownership, we often neglect to have our home inspected on a regular basis.

A home inspection prior to purchasing a home will ensure that the buyer is aware of the condition of your home’s structure and systems and that those areas in need of repair are identified. This information is critical for the homebuyer, as hidden structural and system problems may affect their decision to purchase the home.

The home inspection report is an assessment of the home at the time of purchase, not a lifetime guarantee. As the home ages, problems may emerge, and systems may need to be repaired or replaced. In North Idaho we have severe weather, extreme cold, snow and rain which can cause damage to the home. Just recently was in a crawl space and found a water pipe leaking that at the time the home was purchased showed no visible signs of leaking. We will often go to doctors or dentists for check ups but when it comes to one of the most expensive investments of our life we tend to neglect having a routine inspection done.For most people their home is their most valuable asset. When you consider the current and future value of your home, the cost of an annual home inspection may seem a small price to pay to safeguard your largest investment.